You left a mark on my soul
One that never can be erased
When you first looked into my eyes
It started then, but I didn’t realize
You’d unlocked the barriers I had set
Stitched the wounds and filled the gaps
And without knowing gave back my life

You left a hole in my heart
One that will never be filled
With your first smile I fell and fast
But landed so gently in your arms
That I didn’t know I’d taken a step
Till the day you loved me as someone else
And I shattered like crystal upon the rock

You are an intricate part of my world
One that I would never want to lose
Woven artfully into the fabric of my life
Your friendship; essential as the air I breathe
The strongest voice in the chorus of my song
And though your love no longer colors my canvas
If you were ripped away, my heart would unravel