I’d like to extend a special thanks to the members of my family – both Blood and birth – for your love and support.

For My Friends: For the roles you play in my everyday life; and putting up with my craziness, panics, rants & ravings, the days of pulling my hair out & the ones you had to scrape me off the ceiling – even if that ceiling was to the heights of the stratosphere. Without you I probably would have spontaneously combusted – but hey, I’d have been spontaneous! I love you, both. My high tide and my port, my wind and my nest – I could not set sail or fly and come to ground again, without you two.

 To Minerva: For the hours of sitting with me agonizing over the layouts and contents of this and my other works. The adventures never stop do they?

  To Charlie: For the exhilarating, stomach-twisting, rollercoaster that you are. Without your climbs & drops, twists & turns, loops & corkscrews, how would I have found some of the deepest waters in a bottomless well of inspiration within myself? You are a unique and cherished member of my circle.

To all those who have had as much faith in me as I have had in them: I couldn’t have made it in this world without you. These words are for you, for what you have given me.

You know who you are and if you don’t you can’t have been paying very much attention.

 “Everything has a price.” And it’s been worth every bit of it.