What can I do to make you love me?
Is there something I could say?
What would make you love me like the rest?
Is there some magic dust that would do the trick?
Do I talk funny, or say the wrong thing?
Are my eyes not blue enough, too much gray?
Is my skin too fair, not fair enough?
Does my hair fall over the wrong eye?
Is my voice all wrong, not sexy enough?
Am I not thin enough, too many curves?
Are my feet too big, my legs not long enough?
Do I frighten, annoy, smother, control?
Is my nose too pug, my lips not the right shade?
Are my eyebrows too dark, my lashes too short?
Is my heart too big, am I too open with you?
Do I not fit right in your arms when you hold me tight?
What is wrong with me, so very, very wrong?
So that everyone wants me, but you don’t love me?