A World in Red & Black was born of many things and people in my life. The pieces contained in this collection have been compiled from works of mine spanning the last 10 years. It is not so much a collection of poetry and verse – but a book of thanks, reflection, and love in all its glorious forms.

One should always remember; no matter what, every person who touches our lives, makes an impression, or leaves a scar upon us, helps influence who and what we are and become. Every experience has potential for good or bad effects. We each have the choice on how it impacts us and our lives.

In my life there is not a moment that I regret living. Be it happy or sad and whether or not I wish things could have been any different. I would not be the person I am today without the people and experiences in my life.

Out of every negative come some positive. And every little bit of pain pays in part for every moment of joy. You may not notice at first or it may not happen right away. “Everything has a price.” But the adventure of truly living life is a chance you only get once.

That being said I’d like to leave each of you with this thought; Try each day to live life to it’s fullest, love with reckless abandon of your heart – not your health, and always mean it each and every time you say “I love you.”

With that I hope you enjoy the imagery and prose in
“A World in Red & Black.”