Lovers and Dreamers

      how are they alike?

One has faith

      and the other hopes.

They are valiant men

      and courageous women.

Every story

      has them.

Romantic lovers

      passionately embrace.

Starry-eyed dreamers

      stare off into space.

Always looking

      ahead to the future.

Never knowing

      just what lies around the bend.

Danger never stops them

      as they quest for truth.

Despair not hindering

      their point of view.

With regal hopes

      and noble causes.

Either way

      I see no difference.

All lovers dream

      and all dreamers love.

Maybe they are the same,

      lovers and dreamers.

Really what is the difference

      between the two?

Similar in every other way

      except that one acts

While the other just sits

      and watches others do.