Though long ago,
And a eternity behind
I feel as if we just met.

My hands shake
   when I see you.
My cheeks flush
   when you speak.
And my heart pounds
   when we touch.

Every moment,
   every glance,
Is memorialized in
   my memories
And treasured in
   my heart.

Every feature captured
To the greatest of detail
And I know each
   by heart.

I know you so well and
   hold you so dear
That even when you are
   not near
I can feel you beside me. 

But even all this
   is not enough
I still crave you
And long for your love.

Never, no matter how long
   I crave,
Or how deep I long,
Will I ever feel you
   in my arms.

Never will your lips
   touch mine
Nor will we ever be one.
My love ‘ner but a loss.

And yet I still hope
And maybe one day soon
You will be mine.

My battle won,
   my prize clamed
And my love and yours
Always and forever.