Though these tears I cry are false – they are more sincere than real ones could ever be. These confessions, these lies, these words – though memorized from another’s hand; I speak them from my heart as if they are my own. For what is acting, writing, poetry, or verse; or music, lyrics, score, and art? Ways we express our feelings, our dreams, our fantasies.

      Here I can do more than just show others what is in my heart. I can reach out & touch people’s souls. Bringing into the light their ghosts and monsters. Here, I give them someone to dream and share with what they can with no other living, breathing soul. Only – only, in this world of expression can we truly find ourselves and be all that we can and want to be.

      So to those who scorn and jeer I say this; I’m sure, I am certain, that in my world of fantasies and fakery, I will love truer, sorrow deeper, and experience life more fully, than any would dare to even dream of.

      That is why this is where I my heart will always truly reside. In a world of made of vibrant colors, rich with impassioned words. Among those who are larger than life but embody life itself. Forever upon a canvas painted by the music of the lover’s heart.