It has been weeks since my last post. Unfortunately I have been unable to post because I’ve been spending my waking hours cleaning out the garage of 17years of accumulated crap of my own and my family’s as well as prepping for a pending move closer to the coast; so my few free moments have gone to my daughter.

    One big bonus has come out of this though, in the process of all this cleaning I have found the majority of my had written notes and manuscripts for my projects; including art and diagrams, several dozen notebooks, and possibly thousands of loose papers. This has greatly inspired my creative juices and I’m very much looking forward to getting back to work. There is still some work left to do around here so things will still be limited until that is done but I’m hoping to get back to work on this before May.

    My short term goals are to finish the file sorting, take down my notes for the story ideas I’ve had over the last few weeks, catalog and subsequently archive the on paper works I’ve found.

    Future post plans include Office Supplies, Getting in the Groove techniques, My Writing Tools, to list a few. I’m very excited to share this next part of this journey with you.