My dear readers, I do not wish you to think that I have forgotten this blog or you. I just have been otherwise ’employed.’ Over the last few weeks I have  been doing a bit of print and web design for a friend’s start-up business while doing research and working on my timeline.

    The timeline itself has taken a lot of work to find a viable solution – the trials of which I have been putting into an article I hope to have published soon. There are so many ways of doing what you want and need in this day that extensive exploration becomes necessity. My hope as always that in cataloging my explorations that I will help save you some of the time that I’ve spent and help speed along your process.

    Through my dabbling with the design work I have been downloading new programs that are part of the Adobe Cloud service that my husband and I have, and I found a program that has little to do with art design in these resources. I will be exploring this new piece of software in a upcoming post, as soon as I’m done familiarizing myself with it.

    With that I must get back to these projects.