There are those in every life who are like flashes of lightning, ripping hot flashes across our lives, momentary illuminations, beautiful and frightening. Blue roses throughout lore have represented the unattainable and to this day Black roses represent “in eternal memory.”

The meaning reflected

Lightning: Flashes of intense light & power
both beautiful & frightening, they illuminate,
in brilliant glory, the darkest of clouds & skies
amidst the most wild & violent of nature’s storms.

A Rose; Fragile & tender as any heart,
blossoming with its unique beauty even in adversary,
black & blue as the sky beyond the light.

Jaded & stained, it clings to the memories, that
otherwise would be forgotten, of the love it has borne-

Love so powerful it could create & destroy,
more intense in its passion than the white-hot flashes
ripping across the troubled & blackened night,

Melting the sands of time into transparent rainbows,
glassy memories, frozen moments of twisted art.

Love that has held more mystery & romance
than contained in the veil of the moon’s pale blue light,
that has given birth to life, death, & rebirth.

Love that has brought salvation & sanctuary,
with sad & joyful tears that washed clean wounded lands,
renewing hope with wondrous laughter.

Remembering the pain that brought true happiness
& the priceless treasures buried amidst the ruins of great loss.