Beneath a moonlit sky
In a empty studio alone
Lingers the voice of a star
Lingers the voice of the night.

All alone he sits changing disks
Late hours he watches over the air waves
Empowering the night with music.
‘Xtra life it breathes into us.
Answering our requests till we sleep,
Never complaining of this chore.
Does he realize what he does for,
Each of us as we complete our tasks,
Returning each evening to hear his voice.

Desperate for an upbeat tune to speed us
Into the night, longing for dawn to come.
Sometimes wishing for a certain song,
Killing time talking on the phone.

Just when sleep starts upon us we hear
Our song and must call again.
Calm now as our heads hit the pillows.
Kind words saying good-night
Echoing in our minds till we sleep,
Your voice lingers there.