Someday . . . I used to tell myself;
Someday a man will love me for who I am inside.
But I, myself, didn’t know who I really was.
Someday I’ll have a man who is just what I want.
But I knew not my needs let alone my wants.
Someday a love will come and sweep me off my feet.
But I really didn’t understand what true love meant.
Someday I’d find happiness and a love story of my own.
But I knew nothing of life or happiness or dreams.
And Someday came and caught me by surprise.
But it was nothing like I thought it would be.
It didn’t sneak up on me and hit me with a bang.
It blossomed more each day, though at first I fought.
He didn’t sweep me off my feet like I thought he would.
He gathered me into his arms and held me near.
It was magical but not like I’d dreamed it would be.
Magic in every moment and lasted unlike the fleeting dream.
Someday came and it was more yet nothing the same.
The love I gained was greater and truer than ever I hoped.