Hi, and welcome to my blog; “Baubles and Breadcrumbs”.

    Hopefully, here you will find some small treasures and trinkets among the musings, crafting projects, adventures, and informational posts on a variety of topics. Whether you follow a specific trail or if you meander through various topics and posts do not worry, for not all who wander are lost; especially since I will be using tags to help you navigate. So enjoy your stay and I hope these words bring you some knowledge, inspiration, a little joy, or even just a small chuckle.

bauble; noun – a small, showy trinket or decoration.

trinket, knickknacks, ornament, toy, novelty, curiosity, gimmick, plaything, trifle, frippery, gewgaw, gimcrack, bagatelle, bibelot, furbelow, whatnot, doodad, doobry, folderol, whim-wham, rickshaw, bijou, gaud

breadcrumbnoun – a trail or series of connected pieces of information, evidence, or clues

cue, indication, inkling, key, pointer, proof, solution, suggestion, tip, trace, intimation, lead, mark, notion, print, sign, suspicion, telltale, tip-off, track, wind, dead giveaway, hot lead, acquaint, advise, apprise, hint, indicate, inform, intimate, notify, post, suggest, tell, warn, fill in, give the lowdown, give the skinny on, lead to, leave evidence, leave trace, leave tracks, point to, wise up