There is a man who loves me; a man I barely know. But still, he loves me. He is tall and strong, yet his touch is gentile and compassionate. That touch has such a power over me that I cannot take another step or turn away. It draws me back to him, though he doesn’t realize it.

       There is a man who loves me; though I don’t know why. But still I know he loves me deeply. His beautiful dark eyes tell me so. They can be so very sad as they look into mine. Still they hold such fire and passion untold. I can see how much he cares from that light of love that shines in them. But he doesn’t know I’ve noticed.

       There is a man who loves me; a man who knows little of me. But still I know he can love me. He has a soft, deep voice, and speaks in a tender tone. As it falls upon my ears it soothes my heart. Making me feel like falling into his embrace, knowing I would be secure and loved. Yet he doesn’t realize that’s how I feel.

       There is a man who loves me; a man I yearn to know. But I know that he will love me and I him. Our worlds are so far apart, though he’ll never know the real distance. I know there must be a way for us to be together, a way to share what we feel. I wish I could slave his broken heart, because he’ll never know how much I love him.