What were kisses before him?
What was a gentle caress?
Or the warmth of a tender embrace?

Nothing more than a formality,
Expected actions to prove interest,
Merely steps to the courting dance.

Now, though, all that has changed.
A new world of voiceless words is revealed
Spoken through actions that once held no meaning.

All at once kisses bore deep confessions,
Able to whisper gentle words of love
Or shout declarations of heated passion.

Wandering fingers, caressing tenderly
Hint softly of longings held back
Nevertheless delivering passion’s lightening.

Warm arms impart a different strength.
Lifting lovers up to their place in heaven
Speaking of the bond between them.

Actions carried out without a second thought
Born of the overpowering control of love
Both slave and master to me now.

I cannot keep these feelings to myself.
My breast no longer able to cage this heart
The veins in my skin, burning me from within.

These feelings no more the fruits of lust,
Now a beautiful garden, brimming full,
Flowers blooming in the sunlight of this love.