From a         distance

      you can       see its      pomp and       majesty.

        Not a       palace in     the world       is like it.

          Its towers are high and lofty, its halls are

       bright and warm. Love and hope

        lurks around every corner. Now,

      however, the Lord must

      leave. So now a sudden

     change has come upon

    the castle, It seems sad
     and mournful. The towers

      are lonely, the halls are dark,

      empty. Despair and grief loom

       around its yard. Others try to come

       in but are turned away With no effect

      on it but to make it sadder. But, hark, after an

       eternity of hopelessness he has returned. Once again

        it becomes a place of joy. And the fires seem to burn

       brighter, the laughter lingers longer. As love lights the

           palace again and one room in particular.