We start out at first
A glimmer on the horizon.
Staying that way a while,
Hiding among the many that fill the sky. 

Our light grows
Shining brighter in time.
Taking notice of us finally,
“Look a new one!” they say.

A fuss is made of our life,
Watching our every move.
Planning our lives for us
And making us an object of desire.

At first we do not mind
Even like it for a time.
Shinning radiantly for all,
So full of love, hopes and dreams.

Eventually it takes its toll,
Our light begins to dim.
Torn at by time and space,
And we are once again forgotten.

Many are the ways we die,
Each dramatic as the next.
But not all are remembered
Some more noticed than others

 Others die silently
Fading again into the backdrop.
Eventually missed, only too late
When they are nowhere to be found.

 Then there are those of us
Who die but yet still live on.
Drawing them even in death
Never letting go of those who come.

 Still those who give so much
They seemingly grow after death
Leaving behind a mark forever
Even giving birth in the wake.

Eventually though, we all do die.
But it’s the light that we’ve given
During our life that counts –
Not how many have noticed us.