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Well it’s not as clean as I wanted it to be but it is done. I was down to my last two story series files, the corner stones if you will of the master series – yes I’m one of those sick David-Eddings-type people who not only writes within a “universe” but series within series, sometimes within series – and I realized that to whittle down those files any further it would mean me starting the writing process. So here I am standing on the threshold of where I’ve wanted to be for the last 4 years. I have so many directions I can go now. Where do I go now?

Many writers end up here, I know, at crossroads within the process. There are many kinds of crossroads; character, plot, so on. But how do you or me choose our next step? Does one let the story, or the characters direct the next step? Many do. They just sit down and write, and that can be a great method, I use the same method often myself. But to weave intricacies sometimes it takes delicate planning and considerable forethought. Further when you have hundreds of characters sometimes you need some help keeping track to make sure that not all your heroines are fair skinned, not all your tawdry wenches are red heads, not all your heroes are broad shouldered good-hearted rouges, and not all your villains are greasy haired, skulking and snake-like. Was it a ruby ring that the great grandmother of Jane Heroine wore in that book you wrote 10 years ago – or was it an emerald? How do we keep track of all this? These are subjects I will be covering in the near future, along with version control – which is actually turning into a much more in-depth article than originally anticipated.

So where to go? We shall see. For now I’m going to sleep on it, perchance to dream of lighted ways through Mysted paths.