I am so sorry I have been so remiss in posting this year. But here’s a big huge update about what’s been going on.
    So far this year I’ve started on several business ventures and branching out personally. Now one of my goals was to write on my blogs more, but that’s ultimately taken a backseat until I can get everything organized. Which is part of what I’ve been working on. Along with a lot of ACTUAL WRITING!!!!! OMG!
    There’s been a lot of progress with several of my writing projects, including my “Time and Tides” series and my writer’s workbook. As well as the setting up of Kickstarters for some of these projects.
    However, personal projects are going on hold for a little bit as it stands. I am biding on a freelance indie project that I am very excited about and hopefully will lead to a great partnership on a really amazing project! Besides this being a really exciting opportunity but this could create some expanded options for my personal projects – by proxy. And add a new asset to the family.
    Thank you for baring with me, and sticking with me through this journey. Onto a new chapter!!!