Do you remember how we used to feel
The way you held my heart in your hands
In a moment how we fell and fell hard
How we both cried at the start
Each for different reasons

Do you remember how it felt
The depth of our love for each other
And all the dreams and passion we shared
How quickly the time flew by us
As we were consumed with each other

Do you really remember how it was
The time we spent, the sleepless nights
Sharing of ourselves way past dawn’s first light
How we made promises without hesitation
Leaving our fears behind for the security of love

Do you remember when it all came to an end
The way we cried, all because of one lie
In a moment all we’d been to each other was over
How it came crashing down around us
Love’s blind was torn along with its bonds

Do you remember how I tried to make it right
The way I begged you to see beyond the lie
The dream was broken and a barrier was forged
How our worlds collided with a shattering force 
And we were torn from each other’s side

Do remember anything of what we were
The way it was, the way it should have been
Do you remember when there was only ‘us’?
How it felt when we were each other’s world
If you remember it, do you still remember me?