I never thought my heart could break like this again
That same pain from the past when I lost you the first time
The hole left inside fills with the sea of tears I cry
Just when I finally let myself believe you’d forgiven me
That you’d let me back into your life – that I’d paid my debt
My world crashes down just when love had lit my heart again
Like claws ripping into me, a blood bath of sorrow
The death of my heart is slow & painful; broken a final time
Never to see that look in your eyes again, to feel your touch
Damned for a crime I was forced to commit and a love I hid
I am denied the man I so desperately need, so deeply cherish
Gifted instead with a knife that opens me to my very soul
Pouring what love & life I have left inside into the dirt of lies
Pain, spilling in torrents over the fragments left of myself
Regret – Emptiness – Pain – Loss – Numb – Hollow – 
I’m left to face these demons, these ghosts – without you
I want to scream at the top of my lungs but I have no voice
I want to cry till my tears run dry but the well is bottomless
I want to die to end this pain but I am already dead inside
Nothing and no one can save me from this fate – but you
But you are lost to my heart – forever an open wound upon it
The wings gifted to me by the power of my love for you
Forever broken, never to spread in brilliant glory again
Weights upon my shoulders from which I have no escape
My heavy heart, once encased by gold with a diamond lock
To which only you held the true key, tarnished & rusted shut
Never to be opened again, left to shrivel in its gilded prison
So I surrender my love, my soul, to the eternal darkness
Resigned to exist, a hollow shell, frozen eternally here