His haunting voice

wafting through the cool January night air

More than a song or melody

but magic calling, wrapping itself ‘round

Capturing all the shattered pieces

of my broken, battered heart

Weaving its spell, filling the missing fragments

of my tattered spirit

Lifting me up to soar with angels,

among the stars of dreams

Giving voice to my passions, my pleasures,

my sadness, my pain

His ice-fire eyes lock with mine,

holding me fast where I stand

More than a gaze but a blending,

a meshing of two into one

Reaching into my soul,

brushing aside barriers as if made of mist

Soothing the bruises upon my spirit,

 igniting a fire within my heart

Drowning me in the waves of passion

as they crash around, over – into me

Washing away the stains upon my soul,

cleansing the open wounds of my heart