I spent several days thinking about what I wanted for this blog. I’ve decided that there will be several kinds of posts for this blog.

  • Goal Posts – These are pretty much self explanatory. Goals for daily, weekly, short term, log term goals.
  • Progress Posts – These post will most likely be fairly short and filled with technical details, mostly about editing or work progress statuses.
  • Character Posts – Mostly for character ideas or epiphanies regarding characters or character development.
  • Story Posts – Similar to the Character Posts but regarding Story ideas, Plots, Series ideas, or titles.
  • Overview or Summary Posts – I will attempt to post one each month or at the completion of major projects.
  • Process Posts – These posts will relate to the process of writing. More specifically my process, what works for me what doesn’t as well as what I find works for others on a consistent basis.
  • Random – Writing related but general in nature.

Hopefully this will foster a creative structure that is both informative and entertaining.

 ~ Claire